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Vale David Sullivan

I am sorry to advise that David Sullivan longtime committee member and past president of PwMS Vic Inc, and one of the longest serving MS Ambassadors, died peacefully in his sleep on Friday 13th January after an extended battle with cancer. David put a great deal of effort into the cause of people with MS and people with chronic disabilities. In addition to his work for  MS David was also a long term member of the executive committee of Australians for Disability and Diversity Employment. David was a truly gentle man and a close personal friend. He had lived with MS for nearly 30 years. He will be remembered as someone who put aside his own trials to focus on working for people with MS.
Nigel Caswell - President PwMS(Vic) Inc.


It all started over 40 years ago as a member of the RAAF and SAS. On resuming civilian life, I became a Motor Mechanic, Tourist Coach Captain, and Retail Manager. I was doing the normal things in life only to notice that things became increasingly difficult to achieve due to mysterious symptoms which included frequently stumbling, falling, dropping things, forgetfulness, slurred speech. Whilst in my thirties, I had an episode which left me with temporary paralysis, MRI diagnosis being that I had a "slight stroke". I shrugged it all off when those attacks happened.

Then in 2000 my GP said "We don't want to go down the path of MS do we?" Oh Sh------ My life seemed to come to an end! Walking with one crutch, then two. I'm not using them at the mo, luckily not a wheel chair yet (getting closer). I'm now 49 eleven, a Granddad, and my wife Lyn a Grandma. Our three kids are adults. Then a couple of years ago my wife and I decided to sell up and travel Oz by caravan (before wheel chair days) and visit our son in Townsville who's in the RAAF. My wife Lyn a retired nurse, is my carer, my greatest asset. I can't live without her and her help. Travelling in a caravan has its challenges. Challenge one being heat and fatigue - now out comes the cool vest. One of my greatest challenges (and boy what a challenge for both me and my wife!!) was working for three months on a large Cattle Station 100square mile big, in outback Qld, 400klms North West of Townsville. Only medical help being The Royal Flying Doctor Service! Mustering over 2000 head of cattle, chasing cattle through the virgin bush by 4x4, Oh buggar a tree! Fencing, plus other odd jobs, PLUS trying to hide my MS from the Station owner and other workers! Our caravan became OUR nightly sanctuary - Lyn tried to reason with me to stop attempting to overdo things! Why did I place myself and Lyn in this position? I guess I just had to prove to myself that I still have some physical workforce capabilities in this MS-ravaged body, because the thought of the possibility of future wheelchair days taunt me big time!! My hobbies include bushwalking, woodworking and fishing. These days regrettably fishing is out of the question as I have lost the knack to feel the fish biting and to land them. I feel frustrated and low about life a lot of times, but undeniably thankfully for my wife Lyn's support, I keep on doing the things that help me live another day - that MS is not the end at all. My motto being," If you don't use it, you lose it!" So I live to fight another day...

Chas Amiet

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